Goodbye WordPress?

by Andrew Royer on March 6, 2011

in Personal

WordPress I am thinking of breaking up with you. You are great and have the best CMS but I just cannot hang. It is me not you.

I need a simple short microblog and no need for a clunky CMS. I have tried tumblr and posterous but there is just something missing. I want to be able to really control the blog and not just make posts on a nice template. More interested in syndicated content I already create across the social media mediums. Have already tried those boiler plate templates that syndicate for you.

I would rather just make blog updates from the terminal and choose with a hash tag or something where to post to. I am going to hack a replacement up most likely using django and mongodb as these are the technologies I am currently exploring for further web application development.

So I guess this is a goodbye, you can keep all the posts no need for a settlement, plus I never really wrote any good posts. Might take my personal posts but they are so weak. KPEACE.

  • Royer

    you do look pretty cool tho not gonna lie wordpress.

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