HTML5 Media Player

by Andrew Royer on August 25, 2010

in music,Personal

I am looking for an HTML5 media player primarily for audio files. It would be ideal if it seamlessly switched based on the source file parameters to audio with an image if it had one or a compact audio player or a video player. Also would be ideal if the media player was compatible with all of the different application mediums. Meaning it would be embeddable into other applications, able to play from mobile mediums like an iPhone, work on the most recent browsers with some backwards compatibility, and able to integrate into other publishing platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous, Social Networks, RSS etc. I have not found one yet that can do this but I also just started looking. If anyone knows of an open source preferably HTML5 based media player please let me know in the comments or any of the social networks.

On another note, I am currently using the built in flash player for Tumblr and have been having issues with the play count as well as realized it does not work on the iPhone.

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