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Stolen iPhone tracked down and recovered

by Andrew Royer on August 6, 2010

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On the 4th of July I was celebrating at a friends house in San Marino when I misplaced my iPhone after looking for an hour I decided to leave it and just look up where it was on my computer when I got home.  When I got home I logged into Mobile Me and used the Find My iPhone application and found it was still at my buddies place so I remotely locked the iPhone and sent a message saying please give this phone to my buddy or else.

I would have gone back to get it but I had left my bag in Hermosa with my car keys and my car in Westwood and I was at my summer home in San Gabriel.  The next morning I logged on and saw that my phone was close by so I thought maybe I had just left it outside as I was pretty hung over but then it started to move.  I would have chased it down but again needless to say I was stranded without transportation or a phone.  I watched the phone travel all the way to Irvine drop off a friend and then go home to the address shown above where it remained for about a half hour then it vanished off the map.  Someone had restored the phone killing my tracking application.

I pulled up the IMEI number and other serial numbers from iTunes.  With this number I could theoretically call the police and report the phone stolen and get the phone blacklisted from being activated.  Not wanting to get the police involved I instead came up with some diabolical ways to torment the individual who had stolen my phone.  Things like order lots of take out to the address, elicit craigslist ads, spam mailers, automatic prank calls, robbing them, and burning down the house.  Fortunate for them and unlucky for me I reversed looked up the name and phone number of the residents on Whitepages.  I recognized the name and then cross referenced Facebook with mutual friends and sent the person a message requesting the phone back.  The person denied it and said they had no idea what I was talking about.  Told them I knew exactly where the phone was at and soon enough they “found” it.  Lame excuse or not they said their sibling found it in the 30 rack in the back of the truck when they got home and thought to use it as their own.  May have been true as that night was a rager.

A few days later I successfully retrieved the phone.  Now I have even more robust tracking on all my tech so do not mess.  Truth is it was not even my phone a colleague had let me borrow his extra one that had a huge crack in the screen but was easily fixed by my buddy who fixes iPhones screens for $30.  Smart niche business if you need your iPhone screen fixed or your tech tracked down and recovered send me a message.

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